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I think I'm going to start hanging around in this forum

Hey Steve!

About the guitar, just saying, you could never go wrong with BC Rich or Jackson. I've had the BC Rich Bich for about a year and a half and I've had no problems what so ever.
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I've already started & could get hooked!
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Hey guys ! nice to know people will be joining us in the forum
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Not to highjack the OP! I have been playing for about seven months. I have a Fender Mexi Jazz and a Rumble 150. Whenever I get frustrated with my bass lessons, I come here and check what is happening. You are keeping me in the game.
Thanks everybody!

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Welcome aboard people, it's good to have you with us, and welcome to the dark side
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As the title says, I think I'm going to start hanging around in this forum. I can start introducing myself, My name is Kevin and I've been playing bass for around 3 years now.My current bass is a Squier Vintage P-bass and my amp is a Fender Rumble 30w.I'm thinking of trying out new cheaper strings. I usually play with a pick as it is now, any suggestions? A little offtopic; Also thinking about buying a nice electric guitar, any suggestions?EDIT: Sorry, I just saw the introduction thread, I'm not doing anything illegal, am I?
I'm selling a nice electric guitar, a 1990 Squier Silver Series Stratocaster, made before the ‘Silver Series’ logo but identified by the silver Squier logo and the Gotoh machines. Surf Green, Rosewood board, neck naturally aged to a lovely honey amber, very Billy Joe Armstrong!
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I've already started & could get hooked!
I think you're a stayer LP!
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This site is hard to let go of Once you're hooked, you're HOOKED!!!
bass freak
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I think a lot of us are hooked!
There is no other site like this & that is why we all stay!

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