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PA Complications

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I'm really confused with how to hook up my bass and vocals to my speaker. How many cables will I need, what hook up to what, etc.
My mic just has 1/4 inch input only on it, don't know if that matters
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I'm not an expert, but your PA system looks pretty straight forward.

You need to plug your mic into your mixer on any of the mic tracks. I'd use the first one. The plug your base into another track, or use a mic at your bass speaker cabinet and then plug that mic into a jack on the mixing board.

Then you'll need to run cables from the mixing board to your speakers. You have a “Main Output” on your board using 1/4-inch jacks. These go into the back of your speakers where it says “Input”.

Again, I'm no expert, but that looks pretty basic as far as PA systems go.
Looked in the booklet this morning and there's a diagram of it. Also my amp has a line out place

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