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World Cup - Brazil

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hey I know this isn't bass related but in a lot of places the world cup is the most important thing in the world right now (as it is in my heart). Any football fans here watching the world cup? And i mean proper football, not your yankee hand-egg
Go USA!!!!
TheDude [staff]
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i don't really follow it much, but everyone around me does. you probably won't find many fans on this site though, the majority of our traffic is US based and it's the rest of the world that's going insane over soccer
johnny [staff]
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i'm watching it a lot. rooting for france
I only watch soccer in World Cup and Olympics because its best on best. NFL football RULES !!!!!!!!!!
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The word is Football, you can't handle the ball, only use your feet, in Rugby Football you can use your hands and that game that Pansies in body armour play in the U S, Crash Helmets, Kevlar Torso Protection, it's embarrassing to watch. But yeah I've been following the World Cup FOOTBALL, I predict Germany and Holland in the final
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Why the bitterness towards american football? This thread is about the world cup. Yea, some great matches lately. The mexico loss to the dutch was heart breaking. Couldnt believe that ref made that call.

American football is awesome by the way.
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United states tomorrow… Usa usa
Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. All you need is a ball. I would give it more credit if they didn't go to a 0-0 shootout, and fall down like they've been shot.

I played rugby in school. What a bunch of wankers. Guess that's what happens with repeated head shots and no helmet.

NFL football is still the greatest sport ever created. I rank that above hockey and I'm Canadian
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I'm an American, and therefore I have no incling to watch soccer/footbal/futbal on tv at all. Just can't do it. A soccer match on tv is about as exciting as watching a golf match. 15 seconds of excitement… hours wishing you had more beer to get through it. But I watch American football and love it.

But I like the whole World Cup vibe. Getting all the countries together to focus on just soccer/footbal/whatever. The fans/hooligans are about the only thing worth going and watching though.
Hockey's better than both US football and foreign futbol.

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