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Any 6 strings bassists here ?

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If any of you do own one, I dare you to try and tab out Seventh Wonder's stuff
How bout no? That's too many strings. Like if you're gonna add more strings, gimme lower strings. So no, I don't own one
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I own one, but don't play it like a 6-sting should be played. It's basically a flashy back up to my 4 string.
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I mainly play my 4 string but I also play a lot of six string! I love being able to use either! I've never heard of seventh wonder. I'll check them out! Don't hate on the 6 string linkenpark232. They're a lot of fun!
Eh I'll stick with 6 and 7 string guitars, maybe I'll try a 6 string with 2 lower strings someday
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I checked them out and I gotta say… I'm not impressed. They're tight and all. The music is just really really limp. It's no mystery what he's doing either. If you wanna play like that guy just get really good at sweeps. Throw in some tapping and you're there.

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