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New Music

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So i've been searching on this site artists that i really enjoy and a great deal of them don't seem to be on here.
so what i'm going to do is basically pimp out a bunch of albums that i really enjoy!
i hope you check them out!
lemme know what you think!
and just so you know, all of these bands have great bassists!!!

For you metal guys:
“Habitual Levitations” - Intronaut
“Sol eye Sea” - Irepress

For you math/post rock feelas:

“Precious Blood” - Ghosts and Vodka
“A Data Learn the Language” - The Mercury Program
“It's All Around You” - Tortoise
“What Burns Never Returns” - Don Caballero
“El Ten Eleven” - El Ten Eleven
“Everydirection is North” - El Ten Eleven

And for those of you who ain't afraid to admit you like electronic music

“Metaphoical Music” - Nujabes
“Black Sands” - Bonobo

Linkin Park's new album would be nice hint hint eh I'll do it on my own, already got 1 song finished

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