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When I plug my guitar in, a radio station comes through the amp

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I had an old bass I bought for $20. It was all in pieces.
So, i put it back together so i could have something while camping ( cause everyone wants to hear a guy plucking a bass around a campfire).
It was a PJ, and omitted the humbucker to have one jazz pickup. Obviously I wired something wrong. Anyone heard of a radio station coming through the guitar and amp, with no sound from the bass.
Nope, but sometimes when I play with my phone in my pocket there's really weird sounds and if I'm playing guitar when I use my distortion it sounds like a weedeater or power saw in the background. Lol
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That's awesome!

Your pickup is apparently on the same frequency band as a radio station, and your bass is an antenna. Pretty slick.
Just think. You'll never have to buy a radio again!
It will be one of the coolest looking radio's around i bet
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my guitar does this. someone told me its caused by a bad earth?.my house wiring is 40 years old so it could be true,my bass amp is not affected by it though.

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