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Fender Dimension Bass


I would like to know if someone have tried the new Fender Dimension Bass. It seems very cool and powerful…

I watched a video on Youtube and I think it sounds and looks great but I'm wondering if some of you do own one. Some say that it's a poor Music Man Stingray copy but, in my case, I can't talk bad about a bass that I haven't played. So, what are your feedbacks about this bass guitar?
I Messed with one at Guitar Center (Lefty) I thought it was Poor in Quality. It needed to be Adjusted a set up. I would not Buy a Fender unless it was Vintage or at least a Deluxe Model.
I talked bad about P-Basses by playing one for like 5 minutes. I was right when I actually got one. Getting a Dean Catacombs next week. But no, I've never seen/heard/owned a Dimension. I'll look it up
linkinpark232: I'm not sure to understand your comment… (sorry, I speak french)

Do you mean
“I was right to think P-Basses are bad”
“I was wrong to think P-Basses are bad and now I like mine”?
The first one. There's too much bass in it and even if you do get enough treble in it, it sounds thin to me
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I like Fender basses but have to admit I am disappointed in build quality. I own three Fender basses, jazz, p, and pj. The P bass is the American Special series, the Jazz is a Mexican bass, and the PJ was made in Japan. The only one I have not had to improve (by adding shielding or swapping out electronics) is the American Special.

Maybe if you buy the American Deluxe Dimension bass you get a good build.

But you can probably get the same quality for less from another company.
It looks ugly. Don't even look like a Stingray. I'll go buy a 300 dollar stingray that will probably sound and look more badass

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