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What does the different "signs" mean?

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Hello All!

Im pretty new to playing the bass, and using tabs. I get the most of it, but thereĀ“s
some things I dont quite get.

When a tab go:


What does the -(0)- in the “()” means? a “ghost” note? Should I let it ring?

And when a part goes


What does the -rr- means?

Thanks alot for the replys!
johnny [staff]
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(0) means ghost note yes, let it ring.

r or R usually means rest, so you wait sometime.
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Ok, thanks!

So the 0-rr-0-rr-0-rr is played in a more staccato way?
Not necessarily staccato. Everyone's got a different style of tabbing. For example, in mine I don't do rest stuff because it's always obvious.
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Hi Ludvig, and welcome!

Sorry for the confusion, but it is part of the game! As Linkin said, different people use different ‘signs’ for their tabs. Hopefully, there will be a legend with a tab to say what each sign or symbol means. If not, sometimes all you can do is listen to the song and try to figure out what it means.

Also, the symbol I see most often for a ghost note is x. Sometimes the () can mean this is a different fret you can use if it works better for you. I have not seen the rr before! This is why every tab should have a legend! Cheers.
johnny [staff]
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x is also often a dead note. It's much more common in guitar tabs though. Sort of like a rythmic thump where you put your left hand over your fretboard lightly so you don't fret anything while plucking a string.

It's really useful to have a legend on the tabs
A dead note is more commonly known as a left hand palm mute. At least that's how I've heard it. Lol
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Thanks alot for the replys, guys! It really helped me out

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