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Are bass chords needed?

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The title already says it, how much often do you actually use them and should I learn them?
johnny [staff]
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Knowing which notes go in which chords can help you with coming up with bass lines. They aren't necessary, but they don't hurt
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Which in Major chords is the Root, Third and Fifth notes of the major scale
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It's fun to mess around with chords on the bass every once in a while. sometimes it really fills out the sound.
i usually use power chords cuz you can play them over alot of kinds of chords. i also like ninths and tenths
|nineths |major 10th |minor 10th |
their's planty of other good ones. i just find these to be the most practicle.
johnny [staff]
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I edited your post and used the tabs tag. You can use it to display tabs nicer in the forums, comments or private messages. just click on the button besides the youtube button
LoudLon [moderator]
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...how much often do you actually use them and should I learn them?

You might not see them much in popular music, but it never hurts to have a few extra tools in your toolbox.
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thank you johnny.

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