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P Bass has way too much growl

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I traded my guitar for a MIM Arctic White Precision bass and my low mid knob on my amp is in the middle. Only problem is, the treble and high mids are all the way up and the bass is 3/4 the way up. Still too much growl. This is the only bass with P pickups that I've experienced this problem with
johnny [staff]
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which amp?
dude i posted this a cpl weeks ago remember my p bass has 2 passive emg pickups and it growls like a bastard. mine has a volume and tone as well. but.. lol lets say if the tone is set right its just growly. if its not… im playing dive by nirvana with no eq or distortion. i've yet to figure out why this is. also the MIM Arctic White Precision looks like my rock bass. what type of strings are you using? i found on mine its because its such a beast of a bass the neck and body is thick. plus heavy guage strings. all those things can factor in. try medium guage strings.
hmm. have you tried a DI or eq?
Johnny I use a Fender Rumble 100.

Slam, yeah but my EMG pickups I had didn't sound like that. Lol
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The P bass pick up is a Humbucker, not many people realise that, Fender kept it quiet because Gibson still had the patent in 57 when the P bass got this pick up. Humbuckers tend to distort at high volume. Slam, did you try different capacitors?

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