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Ibanez finally came out with the left handed Ibanez SR 1205E. It's a beautiful bass. I will get it a year from now. The cost is $1099.00. I can't afford it now….. Lol
you dont get it a year from now… get it on a year or 2 year plan to pay it off 50 or 100 bux a month.
johnny [staff]
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hey man, welcome

maybe in a year from now you'll want some other bass
Thanks…..I've been playing bass for 2 years. I'm a lefty of course. Actually I won't wait a year for that bass. I want it too bad…. Lol. Maybe I will ask Santa for it for Christmas….
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I have a problem with Ibanez and their prejudicial pricing for us lefties. I was mulling over an Ibanez bass for my first purchase, but could not pull tye trigger, because of the upcharge for lefties. I mean what the fudge, just because we lefties are smarter and more creative, they do not have to gouge us on the merchandise.

Just sayin'…
The good thing about the one that I want, is that it's the same price as the right handed version. Check it out. It has awesome tone to it.
Why spend that much money on it? I'm sure there's something better for a lot less

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