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10 years ago
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How do you guys/gals feel about the quality, sound, feel of epiphone basses ?
I love mine!
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I looked at a few today and the feel and sound good.. Are you familiar with Thunderbird IV pro ?
I have an EB-3, much better than the EB-0 as it is a full scale bass. As far as playability, my main bass for years was a Fender American made Jazz Bass. I can honestly tell you that I LOVE my EB-3 more than the Fender Jazz. The only problem that I have with the EB-3 is that it is not as well balanced as the Fender Jazz Bass and It does “neck dive.” Other than that-it's great!!
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I have a old epiphone I may have use it on stage maybe 2 times the sound is deep and punchie but it is really heavy so I don't like that I tried too get rid of it but it still hanging around.lol
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does anyone have the Jack Cassidy epiphone model ?
if so what do you think of it?

I was considering it and I like the sound you get from a hollow/semi hollow body but this model is unique…. any thoughts either way?
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The Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV Pro is the best right-out-of-the-box-and-good-to-go bass that I ever had. All I've had to do with this bass is put on my preferred strings and adjust the action.

The Classic IV Pro comes with the same pickups that Gibson puts on the expensive Gibson brand Thunderbirds. This is the Thunderbird I'm talking about:

It is not the same as the Epiphone Thunderbird or Thunderbird Pro IV; haven't played with those models.

And, yes, topnorm, I have a Jack Casady semihollow bass. I picked it up because I wanted a semihollow, long scale bass and because the Epiphone Thunderbird Classic blew me away. Unfortunately, the Jack Casady bass is definitely and significantly lower quality than the Tbird Classic - cosmetic things mainly. (The Classic is made in Indonesia, the JC in Korea.) The pickup and switch work as advertised and you get noticeably different sounds at the different settings with roundwound strings. If you prefer a different string (I like flats), you don't as dramatic a change in sound. Also, the body is BIG. There is a real ergonomic difference playing this standing up with it at your waist, versus sitting and playing. If you can try this bass out in a store before buying, that would be wise.
I have played both brands and I didn't notice a huge difference. The Thunderbird will always be the bass I use most
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thanks Sid. That is what I was looking for too is an affordable hollow body hoping that it would be what I was looking for. I love the Gibson midtown but its a little pricey.

I will head down to store to try it but 1st I wanted an unbiased opinion. so I appreciate yours… I have never tried the T-Bird but now I will give it a go.
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From my positive experience of owning a secondhand Gothic Thunderbird IV Bass and now a brand new Thunderbird PRO IV i doubt i will ever go with another manufacturer again or even change guitar, the pro is that good.

DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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I need one of those but where i live there are none

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