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EQ questions

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I'm having trouble comprehending a few things about EQ. 1. I heard something about how your EQ needs to be in a “V” shape, I tried that and it sounded horrible. Help with that? 2. Could someone listen to the live version of The Reflecting God by Manson from the album Last Tour On Earth. It sounds like there's overdrive but it may be more bass than treble. Anyway to get the sound? 3. What's the point of “Mid Scoop”? I own a Fender Rumble 100 and it has a mid scoop button. Well, if I hit it, it doesn't do anything but deepen the tone and add more bass. I can still adjust the mids
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Where did you hear an EQ needs to be in a “V” shape? That sounds ridiculous to me. Unless you're trying to isolate the low and high ends together.

Seems to me that the EQ is a personal preference thing. There is no wrong or right unless you're trying to duplicate another player's exact sound.

I can't comment on #2 and #3. Because I don't like Manson, and I don't know what “Mid Scoop” is. My amp only has a limiter and contour button. And other than knowing that I like one over the other, I can't tell you why or what one or the other is.
Just because you don't like Manson doesn't mean you can't listen to the bass for 20 seconds. Look at all of the tabs on here that people probably didn't want to tab.

And I don't remember where I heard it. I think talkbass.com a few months ago
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I'll help you with your EQ, but listen to Manson? I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty knife
I'd love to see that. Send a video

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