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something odd..

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if someone knows how i link a single photo in here tell me lol. a friend got a ticket for walking down the sidewalk with 2 people beside him. it says the fine is 113 dollars for walking with more then 2 people side by side. what the hell?
LoudLon [moderator]
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Do you have a photo sharing account somewhere, like photobucket? Just upload the pic, the site will assign it a URL, copy and paste the URL in an image tag like this:

[img]image url here[/img]

i dunno if the pic worked? the link is https://imgur.com/27xbjLu
it keeps posting but i see a dead link not the picture. tried photo bucket and imgur…

TheDude [staff]
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you're trying to post an imgur and photobucket link, not the actual image. as far as i know, photobucket isn't too keen on allowing direct linking, but imgur is. you need the “.jpg” extension in your link. in your imgur case, you get it by clicking on the image again, so it opens nothing but the actual JPG. then copy that address and paste it between the img tags here.

here, try with this: https://i.imgur.com/27xbjLu.jpg
oohh ok, thx lol
johnny [staff]
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wow, that's pretty stupid
i dunno what the world is coming to.. you may not walk beside your buddies. and god forbid you have 2 or 3 children. you will be getting fined. whenever you walk down the sidewalk and a police officer see's you….. i call b.s and we all told him to fight it
LoudLon [moderator]
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Serves ‘em right, walking more than two abreast. Apparently, in some countries that’s just as bad as cursing at a cop or speeding through a school zone.
I am in canada… and nobody will be paying that fine. its some crap none of us have ever heard of. and cursing at a cop is not a crime unless he is busy with someone else and you are disrupting him. atleast here in canada. speeding through a school zone is the only big no no because its unsafe for children.

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