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How many of you on here think education is really important?

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School to me was like a big list of dont's

don't look out of the window
don't answer back
don't don't don't
I didn't enjoy it at all,it felt like a holding pen for young animals. left at sixteen and never once looked back over my shoulder, though its probably a lot nicer experience for kids these days

Degrees have kind of been devalued now? when I was at school you had to be super smart to get a degree..now you get degrees in media studies and hairdressing

There is education and there is schooling,once you know how to read and write you can do 99% yourself, I taught myself to read sheet music..school music lessons never even touched on actual music.
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The careers advice could have been better, I couldnt make my mind up between Thermo Nuclear Dynamics and Folk Singing
i dropped out of high school…. and i make a pretty darn good amount of money. i did not need anything above grade 10 for painting and interior design…. so i stopped at grade 10 and went to college for 2 years. seemed smarted. finish at same time with a trade.
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depends what you wanna do really….. if you want a trade like painting or something good grades don't mean that much as you get your marks from a specialized college course. you can get in with a GED. if you want to be a doctor or lawyer or scientist its very important. i repair electronics from home and work for a charity 2 days a week and im doing good
You're doing “well.”

I have a degree. Enough credit hours for two actually. I had so much fun in college I never wanted to leave.

Never knew what I wanted to do in life. Still don't know. But my degree has taken my career further than I ever thought, and I'm way overpaid for what I do. All thanks to my beer soaked degree.
i do not have to use proper sentence composition if i should choose not to. and i can use lowercase i as well lol. i make 28 dollars an hour and dont have to get off my pc
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Edited for being preachy lol
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Link, while you are tucked up in bed its 6-30 am here, i'm sat waiting for the van to take me to Wallsend, (the town that grew up where Hadrians Wall ended in the east) i'll spread 150 kilos of finish plaster and 12 hours later get back in the van to come home, feeling like i'd run a marathon and having barely made 80 quid, study hard my friend or spend the rest of your life working hard
Well, what I'm going into kinda is easier to do with college under your belt. My chosen thing is Music Tech, and Performance. I only need a Bachelors, but I'm going for a Masters instead. Figure it will help my chances of getting a better job in the Music Industry.
study hard my friend or spend the rest of your life working hard

Marko nailed it. Study hard or work hard. I wish i studied harder, and my broken and aching body can vouch for that.

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