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Given the choice, (and the money!) do you prefer vintage or modern guitars. Everything these days is made by computers and machines and guitars are no exception, so apart from the variations in timber, every guitar that comes off the production line is identical, if you view ‘Fender Factory Tour 1958’ you will see craftsmen cutting out bodies and necks on bandsaws, I love that human touch. I visit a Fender Broadcaster forum, (Fenders first guitar, 1949) and the Broadcaster owners compare the dimensions of their guitars and no two are exactly the same, that's why I love vintage instruments. Imagine a Stradivarius made on a CNC machine!
johnny [staff]
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I love vintage instruments.

I have a couple vintage hand made classical guitars, but no electric guitars or basses unfortunately.
It depends, really. Sometimes I like vintage, sometimes I like modern.
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Modern technology adds a lot to today's instruments that you just couldn't get back then (e.g. Electronics, lighter and stronger materials, finishes), but I like the idea behind hand-made items. They're personal and unique. They're subject to the craftsman's mood and attention to show the quality.

When I build things that I'm really into, I put everything I have into it. If I don't get something right I work it again and again until it's just right. I guess that's “passion.” So to me, I'd rather have and play something made behind someone's passion rather than someone's machine using a program.
Definitely vintage. For everything, not just guitars. There was a time when there was something called craftsmanship. The quality was there and things were worth fixing. Now, just throw it out and grab another one off the assembly line.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Vintage amps are the best as well as bass guitars go
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I have a 1975 Peavey TNT 150, made in USA, it's absolutely bomb proof, there's no crackles and hisses and it only has 6 knobs, simplicity and reliability, I love it, mind you, in the studio one time the engineer had to mic it up, couldn't plug straight into the board lol
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The vols go up to 11
I have one of those Peavey TNT's. The thing is a tank. If there is an earthquake, I'm going to curl up beside that amp. Marko, the volume always goes up to eleven, because its one higher than ten.
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My brother is in a clubbing band and he borrowed my Peavey because his ‘modern’ Hartke head and two 4x10 cabs blew up, he had my Peavey for about 3 months and didn't want to give it back

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