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Is there anyone that doesn't understand how to spliff guitar tabs for bass?

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I had this problem when I first started bass. There were songs I wanted to learn but there were no bass tabs, just guitar tabs. All you have to do is the bottom note on a chord, usually. If a guitarist is playing 9 D, 9 A, and 7 E, you'll play the E. Simple as that. This only works if the guitar part is the same as bass. For example This Was My Life by Megadeth
The title is supposed to say “Simplify”, NOT “spliff”
I rolled a big spliff last night. Unfortunately, it went up in smoke.
you play the root note? lol
i understand how to spliff guitar tabs for bass…

get baked and play the guitar tab on your bass!
Sorry I'm trying to help people guys
i knowwwwww but you are complicating an easy thing… play along with the guitar tab. if you cant multi string or dont need to. play the root note. strum along with same tempo and whatnot. boom done
and it works all the time not only if the bass plays along with the guitar. its music composition 101. it may sound different from the song because the bass player went off on a riff or did something else. but playing along with the root will always work in terms of playing a song in key
It actually does not always work. I don't know where you got that from
i said from a musical standpoint. even if it sounds different from how the artist plays the song it will work in key
if this is for newbies and they cant figure out the part o the song that sounds off from the guitar its because they lack the skill to play that part currently. playing root notes can be a filler

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