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EMG pickups

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i have a set of emg passive pickups in my p bass. and they have some great growl to em. however. the knob only makes more growl or less growl. never NO growl. is that just the kinda pickup it is? i always assumed i would be able to get normal true notes out of a p bass and thats why they were used more for recording
Take some bass out of your eq. My old Jag had EMGs and I had the same problem. Until of course I took some bass out
the bass is on 0 lol. i even tried a guitar amp. and headphones
Hahahaha well then I don't know!
i do realize a p bass naturally sounds like it has more bass due to the pickups. but it also sounds a bit distorted or growly. the tone knob makes it growl more or growl less. but there is always a growl
if i put it on full i can play breed by nirvana. no distortion pedal. no eq. just the bass and amp. no tone or bass or gain or anything lol
Hahahaha geez!!! That's hilarious!
What kind you got?! Lol
just plain ol emg passive p pickups
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That's even got me, try changing the capacitor, buy half a dozen from Allparts, different values obviously, and it's a case of trial and error
I would try actives. That is what I had

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