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Anyone heard any interesting metallica covers?

I enjoy the Kendra Morris version of Ride the Lightning. It's essentially a soul version of the song. It's interesting hearing the song with a slower tempo and really adds a unique perspective to the track.
So Rolling Stone posted a thing asking what the best Metallica song is. I'm gonna have to go with Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Leper Messiah, okay pretty much all of Master of Puppets. But the best song is probably Damage, Inc.
didnt u say the other day st anger was their best cd?? LOL. none of those songs are on st anger or anything after the 90s
Why are you talking about the 90s. St. Anger was ‘01. And it really depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I either like Master or Anger. That's the only listenable albums of theirs besides a but of Kill Em All and all of Garage Days and some of Death Magnetic
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Richard Cheese was the first thing that came to mind for me also. I am a die-hard Disturbed fan and I love the “Sickness” cover. Good stuff.

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