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Favorite album of all time?

Have you heard Green Day's latest stuff? It's trash. And Metallica has had a handful of good songs since Load. Death Magnetic wasn't actually that bad I thought. There were a couple really annoying songs but other than that I thought was great. Then I sold it because I listened to it too many times and it got boring
And Metallica has released a demo of a song called Lords Of Summer (Or as I call it, Lards Of Summer, they're getting a little fat). Yep, definitely a metal name. Haven't listened to it but I have pretty much heard it's horrible. So I dunno
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Prince - sign o the times
The police - regatte de blanc

Have an interesting Metallica story. I was 13 and “ ans justice for all” was their latest album. I'm blasting the cassette on my little boom box and my mom was blasting her salsa music on her huge boom box. She bangs on my door yelling “ turn that crazy shit off” I didn't. It continued for another ten minutes till I turned it down. It was the ultimate rebellion against my mom. To this day she shakes her head when i put metal on.
Hahaha my mom wouldn't do that. She has given me White Zombie, Pantera, Metallica, and Prong albums

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