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Got my new bass today

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So… i had warmoth make me a 21 fret p bass with 2 passive emg pickups. light maple body with finish and a darker rosewood neck. and fretboard (yes the neck itself is made out of rosewood as well and is the same dark brown color as the fretboard. cost me 720 plus taxes and shipping. around 860. its SWEET tho
Aren't you somethin special?
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Cool! It has a single split P pickup or is it a PJ - the split P pickup and J pick up?

Pictures so we can all indulge?
just p. it has 2 single emg p pickups. because my other bass has 2 j pickups lol

the body looks like that actually except 2 knobs and no j pickup. tho i can add it. same pickguard and everything

thats more fitting actually i had that bass but destroyed. so i had warmoth restore the body and put a warmoth neck on because the neck was warped and truss rod broken. so they restored the fender body. used their own neck. got rid of the non working old pickups and used emg. then sent it back all shiny
the body is lighter like the first photo but everything else looks like the 2nd. minus the neck
where would i upload a photo exactly?? lol
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the wooden looking one the body is a refinished 1960 fender p bass
ill add a neck photo shortly
Awesome, cant wait to see it man.

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