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MIM Fender P-Bass for only 150?

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Does that seem a little cheap? I know most MIM Fender items go for like 300-500 I'm pretty sure. Just my guess
depends on a lot of things…. condition being a big old. how old it is
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I had a Mexican Jazz Bass, it was excellent, I recommend you buy it if you have the cash, maybe the seller needs the money and a quick sale. Don't let it get away
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What slamingerrr said - need more info. Can you hold it in your hands, play it, before buying?

Even if the electronics need work, if the body and neck are good, it would be worth buying in my opinion. But if the neck is warped and/or the truss rod broken, I'd skip it.
Yes I'd be able to play it. And one thing I'm really suspicious of is someone is selling a 8x10 Ampeg cab for 100 and a 400 watt SVT head for 100. I don't think I'd risk 200 dollars on something that should be a total of like 1,500 bucks
Great deal if the guitar is solid. I payed $350 for my MIM Fender Precision. Im not sure i would buy a used amp unless it was practice or backup. For that price, might be worth going and trying though.
I bought a used Rumble 100 and that thing works like a dream. But yeah if I can get a little bit more money I'd buy the bass. Too bad my birthday is in 2 weeks
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I'm new member and I love this site. That is a great price. I got a 95 MIM Jazz bass for $200 once. The neck needed and bridge needed adjustments and the owner did know how or did not want to get it set up properly. It has nice and has killer tone.
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Welcome aboard KD, by the way Link, what happened to I Hate Fender Basses!
I thought I said jazz basses
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No it was definitely Fender Basses, it's in black and white

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