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anybody here play anything besides a bass?

Candy Land! I used to love that game. Board games are the best. I'm sick of seeing all these kids wanting this new GREAT electronic game. No, get a freajing board game. Play Chutes and Ladders. And that stupid electronic LeapPad. I'm sick of that too, I prefer the regular one that just makes sound and I touch with a pen. I don't need a screen with a whole bunch of stupid crap all over it
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ha! ya she is aboard game kid… ya don't get me wrong she uses ipad and wii and ps3 like all kids but she loves mouse trap, operation, concentration and shutes and ladders and war..all board or card games… she does karate, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, jump rope club and she plays or rather learning guitar and drums and she is learning bass off of Rock Smith 14…so she doesn't get allot of time for video games except between car rides to her busy social life…
Well it sounds like you're a good parent. All I do is homework, tennis, bass/guitar, and Xbox. Xbox is one of my favorite pastimes, actually. But board games are amazing as well!

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