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Can some one please

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Can someone please tab some Abraham Laboriel. I have a spanish project in which I'm playing a song of his and It's due Friday. Anything would be fine.
ancient of days

The first note of the chords are on the E string and the second are on the G string (so the first chord shown is D-10th fret E string/F#-11th fret G string). I play it with index on E, third finger on G. Hope this helps.





the teacher is a paul simon song with abe on bass. those are the chords so you can play the root notes and learn to strum along

new bass concepts by abe. over an hour long
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You are fast, and good, with the tabs. Maybe you have time to lend this guy some help?

This is a nice blues line:

LoudLon [moderator]
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That's some beautiful bass playing. But ten minutes, with lots of improv? That would be one seriously long bass tab LOL

I'll look up some of his other stuff. And thanks to the OP for making me aware of this player. It's not often someone mentions a band or player I've not at least heard of, and this is some quality stuff.
he neeeds it for tmw tho lol thats why i posted what i have
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Sorry - I wasn't thinking you'd tab the whole thing; intro, verse, chorus if there is one. Enough to get the kid something he could use for his project/performance and build on if he wished. I should have been more explicit in my suggestion. Cheers.
LoudLon [moderator]
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Oh, that's my fault. I skimmed through, didn't realize the kid was on a time frame. I don't think I can have anything done by tomorrow – family's coming to town this afternoon and I'm not going to have a lot of time to myself. That's why I've crammed so many tabs into the last week or so, because my free time is about to take a serious hit LOL
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Ouch! My sympathies. I've got family next weekend - Mother's Day weekend. Mom is 90! And not happy about it either!

a short snippet tab from one of his funk bass lessons. its not much but its a tab with a bit of a riff to it. just add a few of your own twists and voila

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