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System Of A Down — Ok The First System Story bass tabs

well apparently
you guys want these storys
so heres a good one
ok im not sure if you know this
but daron wrote kill rock n roll because one day, he hit a rabbit
with his car
heres how it all happened
one day
me,serj and and shavo were watching jerry springer
well the phone starts ringing and shavo picks up
its daron
he's like freaking out and shavo's waving me over to come listen
to this
so darons like "what do i do? what do i do?"
by this time me and shavo feel bad but darons being a puss so were
laughing at him
daron hears us laughing and says
"shut the fuck and tell me what to do!"
and shavo says
"ok well first grab a shovel and pick it up with it"
(we know daron carrys around a shovel fpr some unknown reason)
and daron does it and then hes like
"what do i do now?"
and shavo says
"well get real close to it...(he paused and im like gasping for
air im laughing so hard) and give it a big kiss!"
So we start bustin out laughing
and darons like
"shut the fuck up!"
so serj notices whats going on and he talks to daron for a while
and actually goes out to where daron was and helps him dig a grave
for the thing
and when daron came back to the house
he goes to the kitchen and starts writing
(as you can guess he was writing kill rock n roll)
and thats the story
i hope you enjoyed it
vote good on it!!
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