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Skillet — Sovereign I Am Your Name Is Holy bass tabs

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Title: Sovereign I Am/Your Name Is Holy
Artist: Skillet
Album: Ardent Worship
Tabber: Ben Hanley (ben@moochers.net)
Equipment: Ibanez GSR200 (Blue)
Laney HCM15B Practice Amplifier
Comments: This song has been played by many artists over time, although this version
is really an alternative way of playing
along to the live recording from the above album. Even though there is already a Bass
playing very basic riffs in the track,
this way of playing adds some meat to it all, and lets the Bass really shine through with
the murky tones we all know it
can produce :)




The second riff is almost always followed by what I can only call a 'comedown'. It's only
purpose seems to be to bring the
notes back down lower, to begin the first riff again. Here it is.


There is a slow part to the song, on the Skillet version, which begins at around (3:36).
In the background, I think it's a
five—string Bass, playing four notes over and over. For this you can either stay silent,
or play it a little higher.

'Little Higher'


The '*' means that you should let the note ring out slightly. However, if you think it
sounds fancy enough, then try lightly
playing them. Up to you at that point. Come to think of it, you could use those four notes
for the 'Comedown' riff perhaps?

After that, it's just a mixture of the riffs and comedown, nothing really complicated.
And seen as all versions are slightly
different (and I'm gonna be late for work), I'll let you work it out.

There's also an intermitant bit in the Skillet version that begins "In your name..."
I think I have it sorted out, but I need
to finalise it, and then I'll edit the tab online, and insert it there.

Hope you enjoy playing the song. Got any of the usual? Then e—mail to the usual :)


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