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Rush — Different Strings (ver 2) bass tabs

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Rush: Different Strings
>From the album Permanent Waves (Mercury Records)
Copyright 1980 Core Music Publishing
Music by Lee and Lifeson
Lyrics by Lee

Comments/corrections to Sean Jones

Transcribed by Erik Habbinga and Sean Jones

w w w h h w w w w w w

w e+h s s q w w H e e e+h Q w w h q q e+h s s q w H q

h q q H e e w q q q q w e e q e e q e q e Q e q e Q q w

q q q q w q q e e q Q q e q e e e e+h h+Q e q e e e e e e

h+Q e +q Q Q Q Q Q Q e e H +e e e e e e e e h+Q e

q q s s e e e e e e+h e +q q e e q Q Q Q Q w +w w w w

w w w w w w w H q w w w H q Q h+Q e w

H q Q w w w q q s q+E w w


Created using the Bass Tab Creator
__ by Mario D'Alessio (motcid!marble!dalessio)
+|oo|+ Notes: w = Whole h = Half q = Quarter
|| e = 8th s = 16th t = 32nd x = 64th
|| Capital durations are dotted notes
|| (equal to 1.5 times the duration value)
|| #
|| +————+ +————+
_ || _ |*——*+ = MEASURE |4:——| = TIME
_||_// |*——*+ REPEATS |4:——| SIGNATURES
| | +————+ (#=Num Repeats) +————+
| || |
/ + = TIE ^ = TRIPLET > = BEND
______/ H = HAMMER ON = SLIDE TO FRET R = Rest


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