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Pop Will Eat Itself — Harry Dean Stanton bass tabs

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Harry Dean Stanton, by Pop Will Eat Itself

..Tabbed out by my bass teacher and I.

I love this song.. You'll need a six string bass to play this though, I'm
sorry to say. ( correction: to play this easily.. it can be played on a
four or five string, but not how I've tabbed it ) I hope this is right,
someone who really has a six string should try it out and tell me. :)

Part A:

G:|—————————————————————| This is the very beginning,
D:|—————————————————————| before the chanting stuff
A:|—————————————————————| starts. Repeat as much as
E:|—————————————————————| necessary.

Part B:

G:|——————————————————————————| Here is what's played during
D:|——————————————————————————| the weird chanting..

Part C:

G:|—————————————————————————————| Finally, here is the part that starts
D:|—————————————————————————————| after 'in 1991 I got glassed..'

That's not the whole song, but it's the essential bits.. stick them together,
and there you are.

written out by noah, email to image@cyberwar.com with comments,
letters of appreciation, and other tabs. :)

" Never been in love with no one, sign up,
join the programme, within me, within you "

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