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Pillar — Echelon bass tabs

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Author/Artist: Pillar
Title: Echelon
Album: Fireproof
Transcribed by: Sub Sonic Ghost
This is an awesome song with a really cool message. Im not sure if this is completely
write, but its something. Any commits, just e—mail me. Peace and luv.

Its tuned standard 5—String— B, E, A, D, G

Verse Riff 5x (as shown)
Chorus Riff 2x (Ending with sustained low B)
Verse 2: (Verse one played 2x)
Chorus again (Same as first)
Guitar Solo (Chorus with detailed rhythm 2x)
Chorus/Extended Chorus: (play chorus 4x, the last two with slightly more detailed rhythm)
Washout: (Verse played till faded)

^= Harmonic

There you have it. Peace. GOOD LUCK fellow Christian Bassists


Verse: Follow Bass Drum, Play

Chorus: *=can used to replace the lower notes, sustain low B, last time
—————————————————————————————————|——————————Back to chorus as written at top——
Guitar Solo: Play Chorus, lower notes, following bass drum.

——Remember these are just the basic riffs Kalel plays during this song, like any other
tab its not meant to be perfect, its only meant to give the reader an idea of how the song
is played. It all depends on how you feel when your playing.——

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