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Pearl Jam — Of The Girl bass tabs

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Of the Girl
Pearl Jam
Tabbed by Nick Key (nkey@ionet.net)

standard tuning.
easy song — really just two parts

(After the bass and drums come in, play
only one of these phrases each time the
guitar riff goes around)
Phr. 1
^ ^(2) ^———3———^ ^———4———^

Repeat the third and fourth phrases the same way,
then pick it up, playing two phrases per guitar round.

In this order: 4, 4, 4, 3, 4

Only two parts to the song
Verse/Solos — same rhythym as intro (two phrases per round)
It doesn't really matter, though. Play it
however many different ways you want. It's not
about what pattern, it's about how. Lock in.
this is a great groove to lose yourself in.

Pay attention — every time before the E
comes in, the bass stops while the guitar
does a little melodic fill.
^sometimes he stops on this note

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