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Nucleus Roots — Irie Meditation bass tabs

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Nucleus Roots

Universal Love

This is a stand out song off Nucleus Roots' Universal Love album. Wicked bass line,
which is (in my view), probably played with the strings tuned down two steps, (but
you can play along with the record with them down one step. The lowest note in the
riff doesn't sound (to me) like an open string, so two steps down means you play it
on the first fret, bottom string. Wicked bass line, and check it out here if you
like, http://www.myspace.com/nucleusrootsofficial/music/songs/irie—meditation—
and if anyone can tell me what effect kicks in at 2m47s, I'd be really grateful. It's
a really heavy bassline, but if you play it through small speakers from the myspace
link, you may not get the full benefit.

(DGCF if tuned down two steps. Obviously, it still sounds really good in standard

§x §1 §2

§3 §4

And the structure is this:

§x {§1 §2§2 §1§1 §2§2 §1§1 §3 §4}

§x is a lead in (and is §2 without the first three notes).
§1 is the riff in that single bar,
§2 is the riff in the next bar (i.e., after §x and §1, each each § is played
until §3).
§4 is two bars long and is the end of the cycle. {§1 §2§2 §1§1 §2§2 §1§1
§3 §4}is
played at least four or five times.

For a bit of variation, you can chuck in the odd different note in §1 and §2, like
§1 §2

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