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Jethro Tull — Teacher bass tabs

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Title: Teacher
Artist: Jethro Tull

Instrument: 4 String Bass

Tabbed by: Art ([email protected])

4 string bass guitar

During the part I do not have on here the bassist just improvises, honestly.
If you can't figure out your own fill email me and I will make one for you.

Main Riff X 12 (varies)
G |——————————9—————————————————||
D |—7—7————7—————5—5————4——————.||
A |——————7————————————5———5—5——.||
E |—————————————————————————————||

Chorus X 3 !!(on the third time leave out the
last two notes and go to the Interlude)!!
G ——————————————————————||
D —————x—x—x—x—3—3—————.||
A —5—5—————————————3—3—.||
E ——————————————————————||

Interlude (again, leave the last 5 notes off and go to the main riff)
G ———————7h9——————————————————||
D —7h9—9—————————————7h9 9—9—.||
A ————————————7h9—9——————————.||
E ————————————————————————————||

***An a lot more fun way to play the Interlude is as follows:

G ——————————15/17—————————————————————||
D —15/17—17—13/15—————————————————————||
A —13/15—15————————————————13h15—1515—||
E ————————————————13h15—15————————————||

It's just the Interlude with the fifths that the flute plays. Play it the third time through
the interlude.
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Jethro Tull - Teacher Bass Tab

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