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Hives — A K A I D I O T (ver 2) bass tabs

Tabbed by Maninakis Andreas (Fteo) I
misterpc@e—free.gr I
This song is one of the band's best and very ass—kicking.Anyway I'm not sure for the whole
thing but it
sounds good to me and I don't think there are many mistakes(if any).Please,
Notify me if anyone corrects this tab sending the new tab to check it out
myself.So, Enjoy and have fun!!! Check out the video—clip it's a lot of fun!

Note: The numbers in brackets mean to play this note as many times as you think
is needed

G ——————|————|
D ——————|————|
A 555—7—|————| x8
E ——————|————|

G —————————————————————————————|
D —————————(5)—————————————————|
A 555—7—(7)———555—3—(3)—(5)——2—|x2
E —————————————————————————————|

G —————————————————|—————————————————|
D ———(5)———————————|———(5)———————————|
A (7)———(3)—(5)—(2)|(7)———(2)—(5)————|
E —————————————————|—————————————————|

After Chorus1
G ———|—————————|
D ———|—————————|
A (5)|653—2————|
E ———|—————————|


same as verse1


same as chorus1

Bass solo

same as Verse1 but light distorted one of the two guitars plays the same things
together with the bass


same as chorus1

G ——————|
D ——————|
A 555—7—|
E ——————|

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Hives - A K A I D I O T (ver 2) Bass Tab

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