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Haddaway — what is love (ver 5) bass tabs

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(submitted by forener)
Artist: Haddaway
Song: What Is Love?
Tabs by: forener

G |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
D |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
A |—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|—————————————————|
E |—10——10—10—10——10|—13——13—13—13——13|8——8—8—8—8——6————|6—6—6——6—————————|

THAT is the whole song. Enjoy this once—was meme song, and play to the music on youtube, or with your band! AND MAY THE DANK MEMES BE WITH YOU (also spoderman... him to)
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Haddaway - what is love (ver 5) Bass Tab

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