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Green Day — Castaway bass tabs

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Band: Green Day
Album: Waring
Song: Castaway
Originally tabbed by: [email protected]
Retabbed by: Peter Measham ([email protected])
This Correction By: Niall 'Clitz' ([email protected])
note: corrected by me (Clitz) again on the 17th Dec 2000, some additions.
this song is...wicked.

6p4 — Pull Off
4h6 — Hammer on
/ — Slide
~ — Ring Note
//// — Progession Slide (slide down fret board whilst picking)

Intro (this is close to the real intro, when i play this song I adlib the
|G|—————————————| Intro coz i think it sounds shit, so check out my adlib)

Adlib Intro (fast picking)

Chorus (Castaway!!...)


Verse Variation #1

Variation #2 (this is mainly used in the Castaway! parts, you'll hear it
its like a breakdown sorta)
|G|—————————————| he puts it on the end of the other variation,
|D|—6p4—————————| its kinda hard to pull off

'I'm on a Mission..'

'An Expidition..'

Bridge (guitar solo)

Bass Solo

'Lost And Found...' this is used sometimes I think else where after Open E's in the song
you'll hear the difference.

End on A—2—

newly corrected from my previous version, that is pretty much it.
one tip is play it freely, look at this tab and know what you need to but then
take the variations with freedom, its A LOT easier.

from Clitz

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Green Day - Castaway Bass Tab

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