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Dave Matthews Band — 36 bass tabs

#36 (to Chris Hanney)
Performed by Dave Matthews Band (Stephan Lessard) on Red Rocks
Tabbed by Scott Pearson

ok, jeese. This song is pretty damn easy. i DON'T know too much about music
theory so it looks like it's pretty messed up here, but play all the notes
at a steady pace and you will hear where all the crap is supposed to go.

The whole thing is this...


If ya wanna make it a little more fun then you can do this...
but Stephan doesn't do that part.


Stephan only plays the stuff on the top and usually jams a little bit more.
If your playing with a band, I really don't recommend just playing that. We
all have differen't style's so just make up some stuff and it'll sound better
than doing the same thing over and over again.


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