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Cowboy Junkies — Sweet Jane (ver 2) bass tabs

From: [email protected] (Billy Karren)
Subject: Bass: Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane
Cowboy Junkies version

This song is very simple, it's only 3 notes.

Basically, it's D — A — G — A.

you play D—D, D—A—A—G, G—G, G—A—A—D over and over

you may want to slide all on the E string like this.

E 10 10 105 53 3 3 3/5 5 /10

where means slide down and /means slide up

I never bothered to figure out the bridge (heavenly white roses..) but
you can safely continue to play those three notes, of course in a
different rhythm, which you should be able to pick up by listening to the

Tablature player for this song:
Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane (ver 2) Bass Tab

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