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Box Car Racer — Elevator (ver 4) bass tabs

Song: Elevator
Artist: Boxcar Racer
Album: Boxcar Racer
Tabbed By: Chris Whitehouse

Some other versions of this song are tottaly wrong, people dont
actually listen to the song, so here is the correct version, geez.....

Start at 0:18

GI—————————————I Main Riff
AI—————————————I x4 ,then no bass during chorus, then play x7
EI——3*——3—x—3——I and then go to ending chrous.

GI——————————————————————————I Ending Chrous
AI——————————————33333—22222—I x7

I'm pretty sure thats all right, you got a problem or your retarded
and think its the way off of www.barcaronline.com/tabs then email
and make an ass off your self. [email protected], peace.

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Box Car Racer - Elevator (ver 4) Bass Tab

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