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Boom Boom Satellites — Missing Note bass tabs

Artist — Boom Boom Satellites
Song — Missing Note
Album — Out Loud
Tabbed by — Alec MacDonald

Ok. There's a few things to go over to make this tab a little more easy to understand.
The whole song is basically one riff, changed a little throughout, but there's a weird
bend that has to be

Note: You don't have to read all of these instructions, but if you get confused while
playing the song, just
refer up to these. If you have further questions you can email me at liquidmethod@hotmail.com

ALSO NOTE: Tuning is as follows, from lowest to highest: E Flat, A Flat, D Flat, G Flat.

LAST NOTE: The only string used in this song is the E string, so you do not have to tune the
other ones
down if you don't want to.

My instructions:

1.Here is the bend that occurs frequently throughout the song:


What this means is to play the 4th fret on the E string, and immediately begin bending.
However, bend very slow. That is what the ^^^^^^^ were trying to show. You want to take
that much time
just to bend up to the 6th fret. However, on the release, you take half as much time coming
Note that there are six ^ of those for going up and only 3 > of these, indicating half the
time for
coming back down to the 4th fret. However, do not strike the 4th fret, just release to
it, then move
along in the tab.

2.Moving on... take a look at this riff:

Tablature player for this song:
Boom Boom Satellites - Missing Note Bass Tab


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