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Bloodhound Gang — Boom Boom Boom (cover Song) bass tabs

Band: Bloodhound Gang
Song: Boom Boom Boom (covered from the Vengaboys)
Tabbed by Michael "BelovedFiend" Bischoff

Standart Tuned E,A,D,G

G —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
D —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
A —5—5—5—5—————————2—2—2—2—2—2—2—2—————————————————5—5—5—5—5—5—5—5—
E —————————5—5—5—5—————————————————3—3—3—3—5—5—5—5—————————————————

and here are the right lyrics for this song:

If you're alone and you need a friend
Someone to make you forget your problems
Just come along baby
Take my hand
I'll be your lover tonight

"Hohoo! Hohoo!"
This is what I wanna do
"Hohoo! Hohoo!"
Let's have some fun
"Hohoo! Hohoo!"
What I want is me and you
"Hohoo! Hohoo!"

Boom boom boom boom
I want you in my room
Let's spend the night together

From now until forever
Boom boom boom boom
I wanna do the boom
Let's spend the night together
Together in my room


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