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People my age so ignorant with music

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I'd rather invest my time with Eddie Money than some of the watered down pap that is going around right now, so Viva La Revolution!
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Right there with you mayhem!
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rock with the money man and
yeah you know i agree mayhem. There are us select few that know muscians like Eddie Money will never be forgotten and i will always remeber him until im gone from this planet.
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Mayhem made me smile this morning

Viva La Revolution de Eddie Money ))))))
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Rather make you smile than make you sad!
thanks dude

I really like that Eddie Money song “Think I'm In Love” that Lon has just submitted. I think I'll have to try that out over the weekend
Is that Lon working his tab magic again bass freak? The song is a good one, just listened to it. I might have to put Lon's tab to the test!
LoudLon [moderator]
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Test away, bro-heem, I stands by my shiz. Well, most of the time, anyway. But that one definitely.
You can test it icehouse1 but you won't find fault with it, only that magic Lon creates.

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