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People my age so ignorant with music

Dam guys, now i am feeling old. Funny, I picked up a Guitar School magazine back from the day when i graduted HS and was and just bought my first no-name bass and played it through a fender shoebox GUITAR amp I found at a yard sale. My first song was Slow Ride, and that was a classic at that time in 1994. Now the songs that were hitting the scene (Nirvana, Zombie, Chains, Pantera, ect) are considered classics. I was “EFF THAT!”, then i realized these songs are 20 years old now! Dam guys… I KILLS me to watch my daughter call a boy band tallented, the MICS they hold are plastic, dont work and non of the instruments are “ON”, plugged in. Total crap today boys, allllllll $h!t thats for sure. I call em like I see em. Dam im getting old.. ha ha ha.
Join the club sporty.ryder! I think your viewpoint is shared by quite a few of us in here!
haha I hear you sporty ryder. I was with a friend of mine in his car the other day and he was listening to some dubstep or something and i wanted to rip my head off so i put my headphones in for my ipod touch and was listening to Meatloaf and he said whats that? and i said dude its meatloaf and he says to me hahah thats not music and i just laughed.
I'm no Meatloaf fan but boy he can sing! If he is not music according to your friend then music is officially screwed!
excatly. I'd Do Anything For Love is amazing on some many levels


This is personally my all tiem favourite music video
its a masterpiece along with the song
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Not a huge Meatloaf fan but have heard enough that i liked to have total respect for the man and his music
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I had a drinking buddy who thought Alice Cooper was a woman and Stevie Nicks was a man.
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I had a drinking buddy who thought Stevie Nicks was a man.
If you've never seen her, and only heard her. The voice and the name could be confusing. I admit.
oh ouch thats bad :'(

i heard stevie nicks sing stand back in 1997 from my dad and i just heard it on the radio and i didn't even think is that a man :S

has anybody heard her newish song secert love.
Its a beautiflu piece from here and…
Mick Fleetwood is on drums and Dave Steward is her guitar player for the record

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