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People my age so ignorant with music

i posted all kinds of tab requests for Eddie Money and well our site will be the first ones to have them
LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm so into the Eddie requests you sent me that I've totally forgotten about the Buckcherry's LOL

I'll get to them, though.
Right on dude. Eddie needs to leave his mark here and that would only come from Loudlon
buck cherry - ridin' will be seriously interested to see because i want to see if it was anywhere close to what i thought it was. same with lust
same with the Eddie Money tabs. they will be so much fun to play finally
don't worry dude. they aren't going nowhere. i waited forever to see alot of my favourite bands and i got to…eventually but you will see them

Saving around 300 bucks so in like 2 years when they come back I can meet them
they will be back and i will keep a close eye out for you
They're going to Canada! I have an app on my phone that alerts me anytime a band I'm following on the app is coming to a city(ies) I've chosen
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yes America is where he was most popualr for sure because he is from Brooklyn new york ;but im surprised you don't know who he is mayhem.

Sadly i didn't back in the day. His music was released in the UK so certain people will know of him, but not me. Thanks to this thread i do now and can explore his music on you tube to catch up. With Lon looking to tab him we could be starting an Eddie Money revolution
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It's good that artists like Eddie are mentioned on here as good music should not be forgotten. To those in the know it's a reminder of good times, to those that don't it's an introduction into something new to discover
Good points mayhem. I have no problem with an Eddie Money revolution! We are discussing, we are listening & Lon is tabbing so we can get playing. It's already started.

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