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People my age so ignorant with music

Well actually I think Twiggy the model is from the UK, Twiggy Ramirez is from Murica home of communism, and Chris is from Canada
Yes i am from canada and well Eddie Money is an old school rocker for sure. any old school rocker would know who he is even as a canadian because i got to see him live in 2011 and it was one of the best nights of my life the other being RHCP but i actually discovered Eddie through the movie Joe Dirt in 2001.
i Heard two tickets to paadise in the early 90's and then after the movie where i heard walk on water, i have been listening to him ever since.
yeah he meant me Linkinpark lol. its ok dude. i can understand mayhem if your not from america then sure you might not know who he is but i know he is known for sure in canada, united states and im sure someone might know him in europe. my whole point in this is. for some rock music never died and eddie money was at the top of it all and to some still is
yes America is where he was most popualr for sure because he is from Brooklyn new york ;
but im surprised you don't know who he is mayhem.
Eddie Money will never stop Rockin Loudlon. he kicks off the circuit every year in Detroit
Eddie Money rocks. Hopefully Loudlon has plans to tab take me home tonight
Rock definitely isn't near death. We have KOL \m/ my god I don't think I get to see them tomorrow
don't worry dude. they aren't going nowhere. i waited forever to see alot of my favourite bands and i got to…eventually but you will see them
ROCK will never die in me
LoudLon [moderator]
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Eddie Money rocks. Hopefully Loudlon has plans to tab take me home tonight

As a matter of fact, I do!

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