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The Human League

LoudLon [moderator]
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I'm behind on my already-lengthy tabs-to-do list (not a lot of free personal time lately) but I'll add it. However if bassm99 or someone else wants it before I can get to it, by all means, don't let me stop you.
That's kind of you LoudLon. I'm sure you have lots more interesting tabs to focus on but if you got a chance then that would be brilliant. I think bassm99 is concentrating on the earlier songs but I'll let him answer for himself in case he has it planned to do.
We don't mind who tabs the songs or what songs get tabbed by the band. The more the merrier.
I'm really enjoying all these new Human League tabs, they are really fun to play & all have been rated!
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Glad you are enjoying the HL tabs icehouse1, they have been enjoyable to tab.
To softcell62/lovetheeighties/LoudLon - I have been working on the Dare album & B-Sides (not planned but having lots of fun with it) so far & have not given much thought beyond that. In saying that I can have a quick look at Human but I've got a tab craving for Missing Persons amongst many bands at the moment, so it may not be done any time soon.
Once again thanks for the support & encouragement
For me, I'm looking forward to you completing the Dare album, but if you decide to tab any other Human League songs I'll be happy!
Posts: 124
I pretty much have Non-Stop done & most of Darkness, Open Your Heart & The Things That Dreams Are Made Of. The 3 album tracks just need tweaking.
Wow! That is impressive bassm99. I can't wait to see them up on the site.
I see Non-Stop was added yesterday, thank you for that. I have to play that at a slow tempo, I couldn't keep up with the song when playing along to it
Good to see the B-Sides getting tabbed bassm99, thanks so much.

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