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The Human League

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Well done icehouse1 & bassm99 for providing tabs by The Human league. Loving Being Boiled
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I agree lovetheeeighties, but Don't You Want me tab is incomplete
I saw that Hugorj. Hopefully a better version will appear at some point.
Nice to see The Human League tabbed, more please!
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I will do this tab (complete version)
Well my job was easy, just find tabs on the net & bring them in here. If bassm99 can provide more & Hugorj can do his tab that would be excellent. It's nice to get the ball rolling!
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As with other artists in here I would like to tab more Human League from time to time. It was fun doing them.
Thanks for the compilments guys I appreciate it.
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tab submitted
Thanks Hugorj
Nice one Hugorj
Not a big fan of the band but I Love Being Boiled, so ahead of it's time. Great tab bassm99!

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