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The Human League

Let's hope there are plenty more on the way.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there are more to follow.
If i'm not mistaken I think we have half of the Dare album tabbed!
Correct! 5 of the 10 songs have been tabbed. Good luck on tabbing Get Carter!
Hahahaha yeah no bass in Get Carter! One less track on the album to worry about.
So I wonder what tab will be worked on next? Darkness would be good (hint, hint)
Darkness would be good, but I do like Seconds!
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Thanks for the support lovetheeighties, softcell62 & Duran Duran Fan. I'm glad you are enjoying the tabs! I would like to tab the rest of the Dare album when I get the chance.
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Sorry forgot to thank icehouse1 for supporting my Human League tabs!
No problem bassm99. Thanks for the tabs & keep em' coming!

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