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The Human League

Always here to support you bassm99, good to have you back.
Thanks for the new Human League tab. You have thrown us by tabbing a B-Side. Real easy to play & a lot of fun
PS. I rated your tab
Tabbing Hard Times was a bit of a surprise!
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Thanks for the rating & kind words guys!
We now have “Seconds” from Dare added to our bass tab library for The Human League. Looking forward to playing tonight & I will rate your tab too bassm99.
Another Dare tab to tick off. It looks just to easy to play! I'll have a crack at that sometime this week. It's had a rating already so someone was quick off the mark at trying it out.
bassm99 - Seconds! Played it, Loved it, rated it
LoudLon [moderator]
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All this talk about Human League, and there still isn't a tab for what was probably their most recognizable hit, “Human.”

No soup for you!
LOL, you are funny LoudLon. Human was a big hit in the States for The Human League. Maybe bassm99 will look into tabbing at some point unless you get there first?

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