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were is all the 80's australian music

Better late than never!
When I first met my (future) wife, she loved Icehouse. Periodically, I would politely suffer through a listening to the Icehouse and Primitive Man albums. I did actually come to like some of the songs (Hey Little Girl comes to mind). But I was much more a Clash/Vice Squad fan, so she got her turn to politely suffer as well! She never did develop a liking for Vice Squad, which I find hard to understand.
yeah that is strange, vice squad is just good all around really
So bass freak as you've just discovered Icehouse, what songs stand out for you so far?
I prefer the earlier Icehouse sound rather than their later stuff. Songs that stand out for me is Great Southern Land, Not My Kind & Can't Help Myself.
Me too Duran Duran Fan
I recently picked up the 12 inches vol 1 & 2 by Icehouse. These are 2CD compilations of their 12" mixes from the 80's & 90's. Some of these remixes I have never heard before & are a sheer delight to listen to.
A brilliant band that should be bigger & should have more tabs on the net!!!!!
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Aren't a lot of the basslines played by keyboards/synth instead of a stringed bass? I haven't been terribly interested in learning Icehouse songs because of this. Am I mistaken?
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Stringed bass
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Thanks Icehouse1. Perhaps I'll have a look at an old request of yours. Cheers.

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