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were is all the 80's australian music

And thank you Lon, much appreciated.
Thanks to all the INXS submitters
LoudLon [moderator]
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Ice – no problem. Happy to contribute, even if it was only a couple simple songs.

Eighties – ditto.
They may be simple but very much welcomed Lon It's great that you found the time to do them out of your busy tabbing schedule.
Thanks also to bassm99 for kicking it all off
I had fun last night with my partner playing along to Barbarian (Me Bass/Him Guitar) & then we had fun being Barbarian with each other!
Let me guess, did one of you say to the other I need you tonight?
Yeah you know it 80's!
im going to try and name as many aussie bands as i can. if i missed any good ones that arent already posted here please inform me. ACDC, Silverchair, Grinspoon, Midnight oil, men at work, wolfmother, jet, the vines, inxs, cold chisel
Heard of them all bar Grinspoon.

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